My favorite custom leather Apple Watch band by Choice Cuts Industries

Choice Cuts custom leather watch band

If you are looking for one of the best custom made, all natural leather, Apple Watch bands on the market, you need to check out Choice Cuts Industries. Based out of Huntersville, NC, this down home, rural leather shop puts good old fashion love and quality into their handmade products. I have enjoyed the opportunity to wear a custom leather Apple Watch band for the last several months. It’s an incredible product.

Choice Cuts Industries Apple Watch bands

Joel and Kerri Mills are the owner-operators of Choice Cuts Industries. Having both attended design school, according to their site, they are passionate about craftsmanship, “time-honored tradition. Patina. Antiques and old tools.” In my opinion, this is self evident in the Apple Watch band I was able to test drive.

All leather comes from the US, specifically from only three different tanneries to ensure they are getting the quality cuts. They work with Horween Leather Company, offering the highest quality leather to their products.

Choice Cuts custom leather watch band

For my review, Kerri sent a 44mm Horween English Tan Dublin style with loops. It is absolutely, incredibly well made. I have seen other leather bands, own one of another brand as well, and am completely stunned by the quality of the Choice Cuts Industries Apple Watch band. The first thing that jumps out is the thickness of the leather. They are not skimping out here on a nice cut of leather. The finish and rich color of the leather is also worth noting. The English Tan is a creamy brown, which contrasts greatly with the custom green stitching Kerri added for my review.

Choice Cuts custom leather watch band underside

The leather is also extremely soft and malleable. For an eventual fit that is completely broken into your wrist, the soft leather makes a huge difference. Other, cheaper leather bands will feel plastic-y, stiff, and unmoving. This band is quite the opposite. It is clear their attention to detail and connections with proper US-based tanneries are doing their product an incredible service.

Choice Cuts custom leather watch band Horween color

While I requested the English Tan edition, there are several leathers to choose from. As pictured above the Horween color Chromexel leather band, offerings a striking, traditional burgundy coloring of the tanning process. Other choices include Brown Nut, Black, and Natural Essex. These are all available as ready to order choices on the site.

If you want to go the custom route, there are loads of choices to ensure your band is unique as the patina of your aging leather. In addition to the leather choices of their standard collection, you can also choose from: Natural; Bright Orange Cavalier; Natural Chromexcel; Stone Cavalier; Brown Cordovan; Dark Olive Chromexcel; and Ink [blue] Cavalier.

After picking a band color, it is on to the buckle style and color. Then, chose a matching loop for the excess band. Pick out a stitch style and color. And, finally, choose the lugs of your choice, which can match the buckle: silver; grey/black; gold; rose gold.

Choice Cuts custom leather watch band stitching options

I chose black lugs, matching black loops, dark green stitching, size Medium. You can customize one for yourself for $85. If you are looking for a similarly high quality item, but are comfortable with their available choices, their bands start around $70. In my opinion, the pricing matches the craftsmanship and am completely comfortable recommending their products and these price points.

Images of my worn band below.

leather watch band aged leather watch band side view

The only concern I have is regarding the black band loops. As with any black looped bands I’ve worn, the black tends to wear over time, especially as you type on a MacBook. It seems to be normalized across other bands I’ve worn. Consequently, you may want to choose leather loops for the band, if you are concerned. Personally, it is not a big deal for me.

Overall, the band is absolutely stunning. I regularly receive compliments when wearing it in public. As the owner of about 10 other bands, this is my favorite, wearing it in both casual and dressy scenarios. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality leather band. Best yet, you are directly supporting Kerri and Joel. You are supporting a small business that still believes in doing things properly and with intention. I highly recommend purchasing one for yourself and several as gifts for the holiday season!