When a file is deleted, is it really gone forever? Fortunately in the case of accidental deletions, the answer is often “No”. There are a number of ways to recover important files that have been mistakenly sent to the trash, but these methods are complex and time-consuming. Many times, getting back a deleted file involves an expensive trip to a data retrieval expert.

However, there is a better alternative. Disk Drill Pro is a data recovery program that can be used easily and instantly. It can recover sensitive files, important documents, music, photos, videos and even entire partitions that have been deleted. Over 200 types of files can be retrieved by Disk Drill Pro.

Not only can the program restore missing files on your computer, but it can even recover deleted files on external hard drives. Disk Drill Pro is on sale for $39 — which is 56% off the regular price.

Prices subject to change.