The new AirPal case triples your AirPods run time, doubles as an emergency power bank

AirPods feature a five-hour listening time. Thanks to their practical carrying case that holds multiple charges, you can actually get about 24 hours of listening time on the go. But with AirPal, a new accessory from Pitaka, your AirPods run time triples thanks to an embedded 1200mAh power battery that also doubles as an emergency power bank for your iPhone. The current AirPods, and now the latest AirPodsPro as well, have become something of an iconic Apple product thanks to their seamless experience, but that doesn’t meant there’s no room for improvement. For instance, the charging case could use a bigger battery so that you could use your earbuds for more than 24 hours before the case needs to be plugged in again. Enter AirPal, a smart carrying case for your AirPods by accessory vendor Pitaka. Thanks to AirPal’s own embedded 1,200mAh battery, the accessory is able to triple your total AirPods run time versus the AirPods + the AirPods charging case combo. Even better than that, this attractive case doubles as an emergency power bank for your phone. Even though the embedded battery is too small to charge an iPhone or a similar smartphone from dead to fifty percent, let alone hundred percent, it’s good to know that you can easily bring your phone back to life if the battery dies on you in the middle of the day. AirPal has other things going for it. It’s easy to carry thanks to the metal-clad belt clip that keeps your AirPods and their case safe and close to you. The accessory is made of military-grade aramid fiber and zinc alloy and features Qi wireless charging letting you charge your non-Qi AirPods case wirelessly, too.

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The AirPal case fits the first and second-generation AirPods and their charging case. It does not work with the new AirPods Pro that feature a shorter but wider charging case. You can find out more about AirPal at the official Pitaka website.