Destiny 2 iPhone Emblem Wallpapers

Destiny 2 iPhone Wallpaper mockup silentwalker_

The iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week brings you photo quality wallpapers for your iOS devices every Sunday. Scattered across the Internet, there are treasure troves of incredible wallpapers and this section curates those vast collections. While the Red Legion looks to destroy everything, these Destiny 2 iPhone wallpapers aim to honor the Guardian emblems across the player community. Recreated for iPhone, all of these wallpapers were an incredible passion project.

Destiny 2 iPhone wallpapers

The following wallpapers are the original creations of @silentwalker__. Below you will find an extremely small portion of the total collection. I picked a sample pack that made excellent minimal Lock or Home screen wallpapers. His full collection has all Emblems for Destiny 1 and Destiny 2, for both mobile and desktop. There are even some clan banners scattered in his full collection as well. To download the full set of Destiny 2 iPhone wallpapers, then visit his Google Drive directory for more.

Escape This Dead Orbit Destiny 2 iPhone Wallpaper

Escape This Dead Orbit: iPhone

Disdain for Glitter Destiny 2 iPhone Wallpaper

Disdain for Glitter: iPhone

Cold Comfort Destiny 2 iPhone Wallpaper

Cold Comfort: iPhone

Blade of Bergusia: iPhone

A Hall of Delights: iPhone

I was able to locate this vast wallpaper collection via Twitter @jim_gresham, where I curate our image gallery. I suggest you follow along for mid-week downloads, previews of upcoming posts on the iDB background section, and, currently, some off-handed commentary about the Apple Watch Series 5. It would be great to hear from you directly. What do you like to see in the wallpaper collection? Do you have an tips, tricks, or downloads that would help us find the best wallpapers?