Oprah explains why she’s partnered with Apple on her Book Club

Oprah’s Book Club launched on Apple Books recently and now she has decided to cast some light on her partnership with the Cupertino tech giant.

In an article posted on her own website, the popular television producer and philanthropist explains why she has decided to partner exclusively with Apple for her Book Club.

It’s all about getting to explore the world for the price of a book, Oprah argues.

In another book I read recently, one of the characters owned a bookstore, and the sign out front said: BOOKS: CHEAPER THAN AIRLINE TICKETS.

How true that is! For the price of a book, you get to explore the world, be intrigued by new people, be fascinated by new ideas, be dazzled, held in suspense, thrilled.

And of course, Apple’s reach doesn’t hurt either (“Apple is in a billion pockets, y’all”). Engaging readers in conversations not only with one another but with the authors as well is a major part of that, she added.

Book lovers everywhere know the feeling that takes over when you’re all the way in and can’t wait to turn the page—or have to brace yourself before turning it. You just want to tell somebody! You want to share the experience! And wouldn’t it be amazing if you could speak with the author and learn what was in their mind?

These conversations with book authors and Oprah will stream on Apple TV+

“My partnership with Apple gives me a chance to take one of my most joyful experiences and spread the word. I know for sure you’ll appreciate the community that results when people engage with stories that enhance their lives,” reads the blog post.

Oprah’s Book Club debuted on Apple Books last month with “The Water Dancer” by Ta-Nehisi Coates. The first episode of the associated Apple TV+ show will feature an interview with the book’s author recorded live in front of an audience at Apple’s Carnegie Library retail store.

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