Graphic design has been the career of choice for those with creative and artistic talents, and luckily for them the industry is bigger than ever. Anywhere you look you’ll see the touch of a gifted graphic designer — signs, book covers, product packaging, television, movies and more. With graphic design work always in demand and the internet allowing skilled designers to work from anywhere, the industry is growing and becoming easier to break into.

But it takes more than artistic skills to thrive in a graphic design career. Graphic designers also need to excel in programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. These versatile design programs are easy to learn but difficult to master, especially when you’re trying to teach yourself.

The Professional Graphic Designer Bundle is a in-depth guide that covers Photoshop, Illustrator, web design and more. It comes with six courses and over 400 lessons that provide a step-by-step walkthrough that gives aspiring graphic designers all the skills and knowledge they need to break into the field.

Learning graphic design is simple when you have the right tools, and this bundle includes 47 Photoshop projects that give new designers hands-on experience with practical, real-world design projects so they can learn by doing. The Professional Graphic Designer Bundle is on sale for $29 — which is 97% off the usual price.

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