Learn your next language with Babbel and save up to 50%


With the world more connected than ever through the internet, the ability to speak a second language can be useful even without leaving your home. You can talk to German friends without going to Germany, watch French movies without going to France, and listen to Spanish music without going to Spain. You can also learn those languages and more without ever going to a class.

Babbel is the top grossing language-learning app in the world. It was developed by linguists for quick language acquisition, so that after just one month of use a Babbel user can communicate in their new language. The app utilizes short ten to fifteen minute bite-sized lessons and speech recognition technology that provides active feedback on pronunciation.

Progress is synchronized across devices, and courses and lessons are available for offline download so learning can continue even when not you’re connected to the internet. A one-year subscription to Babbel is on sale for $69, a discount of 17%. But an even bigger discount of 33% is available when you get a two-year subscription for $99.

Finally, for this sale the biggest discount is when you get the lifetime subscription to Babbel for $149. The normal price for lifetime access is $299, so that’s a savings of 50%. With 14 languages to learn, you might want that extra time.

Prices are subject to change.

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