The powerful iOS backup tool iMazing Mini is now also available on Windows

iMazing Mini, the popular iOS backup app for Mac, is now available on Windows.

The lightweight yet powerful app makes it a cinch to back up up all your iOS devices automatically, using wired or wireless connections, and privately. It’s also packaged with iMazing, which lets you extract stuff from iOS device backups with ease.

iMazing Mini lives in the menu bar on macOS and in the system tray on Windows.

Once backups are configured, iMazing Mini launches automatically when it detects an iOS device on your Wi-Fi network, starting a backup. For more on that, be sure to check out iMazing’s Getting Started Guide and a how-to covering automatic iOS device backups. Even if you’re happy with iOS devices now appearing in the Finder’s side bar on macOS Catalina, you may still want to consider iMazing Mini for a number of reasons.

For starters, iMazing Mini creates encrypted backups by default, and you get to choose where they’re saved. iTunes can also optionally encrypt your backups, but good luck selecting a custom folder for saving them. In iMazing Mini, you can define when and how frequently each of your iOS devices is backed up, another feature missing from iTunes.

Other iMazing Mini features include a battery health diagnostics tool, low-battery notifications and quick transfer of media and documents to any compatible iOS app via drag and drop. And last but not least, unlike iTunes or iCloud backups, iMazing Mini saves every backup incrementally so that you can go back in time to a specific version.

As a cherry on top off an already sweet cake, all these neat iMazing Mini features are available for free with no ads, no subscriptions, no paid cloud storage and no registration required.

You can download iMazing directly from the official website.