US cities and states ranked by mobile network speeds

Open Signal, a company that specializes in mapping wireless coverage, conducted a study of LTE mobile network speeds in more than 80 countries around the globe, including the United States, and the results are eyebrow-raising but not really shocking.

The report titled State of Mobile Network Experience measured 4G download and upload speeds, latency, uptime and other factors. The US traditionally lags behind a number of countries when it comes to LTE speeds, with the country coming in 30th out of 87 countries with an average mobile network download speed of 21.3 Mbps.

New Jersey emerged as the nation’s leader with the fastest average mobile download speed of 30.2 Mbps. Surprisingly, California ranked just 19th in the survey while Washington state, home to Amazon and Microsoft’s headquarters, ranked sixteenth on the list.

9to5Mac has more:

Mississippi came in almost three times slower team New Jersey with an average speed of 12.1 Mbps. The report notes the surprise of Minnesota and Ohio coming in fourth and fifth with 28.8 Mbps, while California and Washington had lower average speeds than many states in the Northeast and Midwest.

Cleveland surfaced at the top spot on the list of LTE download speeds in the top 50 most populated US cities with an average download speed of 32.8 Mbps, followed by Minneapolis (32.2 Mbps) and New York City (31.2 Mbps). San Antonio (19.1 Mbps) and Oklahoma City (16.9 Mbps) scored below the national average of 21.3 Mbps.

The report found an improvement in the average mobile network download speeds in the US, rising from 17 Mbps to 21.3 Mbps annually.

“There’s lots of room for improvement but only a new technology like 5G is likely to lead to a step-change improvement in the mobile network experience,” the report noted.

What’s your average mobile network download speed these days?