Mophie announces new powerstation battery packs for iPhones and more

mophie announces new Powerstation battery packs

mophie is one of the most popular companies out there when it comes to external battery packs, and the company has just announced its powerstation lineup for 2019. There are several options to choose from, as is par for the course, any of which can help you keep your iPhone charged up while on the go.

An external battery pack can come in handy if you’re needing some extra battery life and you know you won’t be near a traditional charging source anytime soon. As such, mophie, which is owned by the popular Zagg brand, has become one of the go-to options for battery packs over the years. Today, mophie announced its 2019 powerstation lineup, with several options that include multiple charging ports and other key features.

One of the more exciting new elements if a USB-C port that allows for input and output. This means the powerstation battery pack can actually charge itself, and the device it’s connected to, at the same time. There is also a USB-A port available on some models, and two USB-A ports on others. The powerstation battery pack also features an LED indicator to show you how much battery life is remaining.

Here are the new models and their features:

  • powerstation mini ($39.95) – 5,000mAh (up to 18 hours of total device use time), available in Black, Gray, Navy, Hot Pink and Light Blue
  • powerstation ($49.95) – 10,000mAh (up to 36 hours of total device use time), available in Black, Gray, Navy and Pink
  • powerstation XL ($59.95) – 15,000mAh (up to 55 hours of total device use time), available in Black and Gray
  • powerstation XXL ($69.95) – 20,000mAh (up to 73 hours of total device use time), available in Black

Each of the new powerstation models are available right now from Each of the models will become available at Best Buy, Verizon, and T-Mobile retail stores as well.

Plenty of options to choose from at pretty solid price points. And even a variety of color options for good measure. Do you think you’ll pick one of these battery packs up?