Apple-owned Texture is shutting down May 28

The Texture magazine subscription service announced today it will be discontinuing service next month on May 28 following launch of the new Apple News+ subscription service, which offers access to 300+ magazines and a few select newspapers for $10 per month.

Operated by Next Issue Media LLC, Texture was called “the Netflix of magazines” because it provided subscribers with unlimited access to their favorite digital magazines for a flat monthly fee of just ten bucks. Texture launched in 2015. That same year, it paid out $15 million in subscription revenue to publishers.

Apple snapped up the startup in March 2018 for an undisclosed sum.

In an email sent to current Texture subscribers, the company is pointing to a FAQ on its website advising customers to switch to Apple News+ instead. Texture is even offering existing customers a one-month free trial to Apple’s service.

Naturally, the change did not sit well with Texture fans on Android. As noted by TechCrunch, disgruntled Android customers took to Twitter to vent their frustration with the fact that they’re basically asked to switch to iPhone in order to continue using Texture.

The Windows version of Texture was discontinued last year.

Apple News+ is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac through the News app at $10 per month in the United States and $12 per month in Canada. The Cupertino technology giant has not ported the News app to Android like it did with the Apple Music client.

The Texture app continues to be available on App Store.