Triple-lens iPhone could have a square camera bump

A new report out of Japan Friday has predicted that the next iPhone models slated for introduction in 2019 will include a triple-lens setup on some 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch models, with the camera system said to be housed within a square camera bump on the back.

Mac Otakara, a reliable Japanese blog, reported Friday that some 2019 iPhone models will have three camera lenses on the back in close proximity to each other,

And you thought the camera bump on the current iPhones was huge…

The blog has learned about this from unnamed Chinese suppliers, prompting it to commission a rendering of a triple camera iPhone included top of post. The square camera bump would organize the three lenses into individual corners, with LED flash in a fourth corner.

Some of Apple’s rivals already have triple-lens models, like Huawei’s Mate 20 or Samsung with its latest Galaxies and a 5G model having a fourth lens for 3D depth mapping.

Other vendors are slated to release phones with more than two rear lenses later in the year.

Apple could use a third lens to provide 3x optical zoom, for improved depth mapping and augmented reality or even to map your surroundings in 3D.