Apple’s new “iPhone can do what?” microsite educates users on useful features

An update Wednesday to the official iPhone webpage on Apple’s website added a new link leading to a section listing many hardware and software features of the iconic handset.

Some of them will be instantly familiar to average iPhone users, like water resistance on the latest models and group FaceTime, while others are in the domain of power users, including AirDrop, iMessage encryption, finding a lost or stolen device and using Dynamic Type.

There are also sections highlighting the latest features, like Do Not Disturb While Driving, screen recording, Memoji creation and enhanced AI-powered image search in Photos.

Most of the listed capabilities are explained through simple images but some are accompanied by videos showcasing them in action. This new corporate microsite came days following Apple’s new campaign in the UK and France under the headline “There’s More to iPhone”.

Found at Apple’s regional British and French website, that page focuses on Apple’s commitment to privacy and how its custom chips and software help protect your data.