Review: the official Tesla case for iPhone X/XS

Tesla Motors has a nice side business selling accessories like apparel, chargers, travel bags, gloves, purses and—why not?—iPhone cases. They have a range of cases for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and iPhone XS, and today we’re going hands-on with their iPhone X/XS case.

Stylish packaging

As you can see for yourself, packaging is clean with just a red rim running around the sides. Inside, you’ll find the case itself and nothing else—no Tesla stickers for you.

But first, watch Harris’s hands-on video embedded below.

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The case, as you can see for yourself, is styled as Apple’s pricey leather case. That’s a good sign because Apple’s leather products happen to hold up remarkably well to everyday abuse.

Tesla didn’t include any stickers in the box, which is a shame.

Minimal branding

The soft material on the inside protects your precious smartphone from dings and scratches while the hardened edges provide some protections against accidental drops.

The Tesla case is a bit thicker than Apple’s, with the more pronounced edges.

The bottom of this case is open so if you happen to use any kind of dock or charger with your phone, you should be fine. The side buttons are easy to reach and press as well.

The case fits both the X and XS, but isn’t quite symmetrical on the XS.

Is this for me?

If you’re a Tesla enthusiast or happen to be their customer, the official company-branded iPhone case may be just what you need to show your appreciation and love for the company.

Minimal branding is always a good thing.

The electric car maker has a bunch of iPhone cases available, including folio ones, so be sure to check out their webstore and see if you find something you like.


This case is only available in Black. The version for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X/XS is $35 on Amazon, which sounds like the right price for such a product.

The case is not nearly as slim as it looks, but it isn’t bulky either.

If you’d like some protection for your iPhone’s screen as well, consider a folio variant, currently limited to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models, which will run you $45 a pop.

How do you like these Tesla cases?

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