No major changes are reportedly planned for iPad Pro this year

Apple is not expected to introduce major changes to this year’s revision to the iPad Pro series, at least not ones that’d be similar to what it did last year, according to a new report.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Debby Wu made this claim in today’s extensive report about the changes coming to iPads and the iOS software in 2019.

From the report:

Apple isn’t expected to release a major iPad Pro update this year like it did in 2018. It typically upgrades the line in the second half of the year. Apple in the past has launched major new features on iPad before iPhone, including 4G connectivity in 2012.

The wording of the paragraph leaves room for speculation because it makes it sound as if this year’s iPad Pro models won’t be getting any update at all.

In fact, the article states that a major iPad Pro update revolving around a laser-powered 3D camera system is currently planned for as early as spring 2020.

As for bringing major enhancements to iPad first before they trickle down to iPhone, this is (in my view) a simple consequence of Apple’s release schedule rather than an intentional decision.

After all, the original iPad with the A4, Apple’s first in-house designed mobile processor, was introduced and launched six months before iPhone 4 arrived with its own version of the A4.

Should, and will Apple update iPad Pro this year at all, do you think?

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