HUE2 colorizes your Philips Hue lights based on colors from the Now Playing album artwork

If you’re a fan of the Philips Hue lighting system and also happen to have a jailbroken iPhone, then you might come to appreciate a new jailbreak tweak dubbed HUE2 by iOS developer Antique.

HUE2 is fundamentally a new way to integrate your music-listening experience on iOS with your Philips Hue lighting system. Right out of the box, the tweak colorizes your Philips Hue lights to match the dominant color of the album artwork of any music you might be playing, as depicted above.

As you use HUE2, all the Philips Hue light bulbs that are connected to your selected bridge should change color automatically as your playlist moves from one song to another, providing a seamless and fun experience as you enjoy your music.

HUE2 was designed to interface directly with the official HueSDK, which should help maximize stability during use. Nevertheless, the developer is aware of connection bugs in the current version of the tweak and advises users to report pertinent issues via Twitter such that they can be resolved promptly.

HUE2 doesn’t have any options to configure as of this writing, but that could change in the future as the tweak matures. If you’re interested in giving the tweak a try for yourself, then you can download it for $0.99 from Cydia’s Packix repository. The tweak is compatible with all jailbroken iOS 11 devices and you must have a Philips Hue-branded smart light system to use it.

Have you tried HUE2 yet? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments section below.