Now that we’ve established that iPad Pro bends, it’s time to stop these pointless torture tests

Stop the presses—Apple’s powerful new iPad Pro bends! Can you imagine that? Now, eagled-eyed readers may have noticed that we’ve stopped posting drop and torture test videos a while ago because we no longer see value in them beyond boosting views for their creators. We’re going to make an exception here with JerryRigEverything’s iPad Pro bend test footage that was making rounds last week but for all the wrong reasons. In it, author Zeck Nelson expectedly discovers that if you try to bend your iPad Pro, it will actually break.

JerryRigEverything wrote:

Apple says their new iPad Pro is a magical piece of glass that does everything you need any way you hold it (as long as you are gentle of course). Today, we are going to find out how durable Apple’s new piece of glass really is. How good is the drawing on the new iPad Pro?

We’ll be testing that out with Art Class With Jerry (which side did Apple want us to draw on again? I forget…) And finally we will finish off with the new iPad Pro bend test, this will tell us realistically how much force this iPad Pro can withstand while it is in your backpack or book bag, or while being accidentally sat on.

Watch his sponsored iPad Pro bend test video if you haven’t already.

The author observes that the weakest points seem to be at the center of either side of the tablet, which is true, and notes that the crack happened right at the microphone hole, spreading from there, which is correct. But his conclusion that the new iPad Pro is “an aluminum sack with no structure holdings things together” is just plain wrong.

I really like JerryRigEverything’s work and I’m aware about the entertainment value of bending an iPad Pro in half. That being said, I expected more from Jerry—of course a massive tablet that’s just a few millimeters thick bends with relatively little force. Again, I do appreciate the comedic value of the video, but it’s simply wrong to imply this is an iPhone 6s-level #Bandgate, plus it’s not like you’ll be carrying this iPad in your back pocket.

That’s why I was so pleased seeing this on-point response by Snazzy Labs, via The Loop:

And the video’s description is even more on point:

JerryRigEverything’s iPad Pro bend test has taken the world by storm. This isn’t an iPhone 6S scenario. Nobody is trying to bend their iPad Pro in half and your backpack won’t do it either. Plus, y’all act like these devices aren’t designed to flex a little. Do you know what’s worse than a tablet/smartphone that bend a little bit? One that’s slightly stronger but shatters upon the slightest bit of force. Ya goofs.

There’s no #iPadBendgate here, moving along…

The Snazzy Labs video really needs to be shared and circulated as much as possible to not only educate people, but discourage YouTubers from pretending that these stupid torture tests have any actionable or informative value to them for the viewer.

As AppleInsider succinctly commented, “there’s exhaustive testing and there is ridiculous, pointless testing with no scientific method or means behind it.”

Put simply, Jerry wants another #Bendgate.