FaceTime buttons return where they make the most sense in iOS 12.1.1 beta

It looks like the recently introduced iOS 12.1.1 beta contains more than bug fixes. It also includes an easier to use FaceTime interface that was first discovered by iGeneration.

In the iOS 12.1.1 beta, released earlier today, Oct. 31, you’ll see a FaceTime Live Photo capture feature that Apple removed in iOS 12.0. With FaceTime Live Photo capture, you can take photos during a FaceTime video call. For this to occur, everyone on the call must have this feature turned on. The toggle is located in the Settings app on iPhone and iPad under FaceTime.

The new beta also includes an improved interface that brings essential functions like call muting and camera flipping to the forefront, rather than burying them in a submenu as in iOS 12.0. There are additional options when you slide up on the bottom bar. From this expanded menu, you’ll see buttons to turn the camera and speaker on and off.

It’s great seeing the somewhat familiar FaceTime interface in the first iOS 12.1.1 beta. Hopefully, the feature remains in the final version when it’s released.