A fully loaded 2018 iPad Pro will burn a $1,899 hole through your pocket

How do you feel about paying approximately two grands for a tablet? We’re asking because Apple’s top iPad Pro configuration for 2018 costs more than a high-end notebook computer.

Visit Apple’s Buy iPad Pro page now if you don’t believe me.

Begin by opting for a 12.9-inch iPad Pro model, which starts at $999 for the meager 64 gigabytes of storage, then choose your finish and the amount of flash storage.

Here’s what Apple’s 2018 iPad Pro storage upgrades are priced at:

  • 64GB → 256GB: $150
  • 256GB → 512GB: $200
  • 512GB → 1TB: $400

Choosing 1TB of storage jacks up your starting price by $750, totaling $1,749. The baseline model has only Wi-Fi so add an extra $150 on top of that for cellular connectivity.

You just configured a 12.9-inch cellular iPad Pro with 1TB of storage for a cool $1,899, but you still lack a second-generation Apple Pencil which you’ll want with a tablet this powerful (it pairs automatically, charges wirelessly and connects magnetically to iPad Pro).

The new Apple Pencil is $129, bringing your total to an eye-watering $2,028 for the new Pencil + the flagship configuration of the most powerful iPad Apple’s ever made.

Apple’s new pro tablet is available starting November 7 and they’re taking pre-orders now.

Thoughts on the pricing?