Apple now sells a one-foot USB-C charging cable for Apple Watch

There’s a new Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable available that features USB-C. Compatible with the Apple Watch Series 1 through Apple Watch Series 4, the cable measures 0.3 meters or 1 ft, and is available now to order on the Apple website. 

Posted in recent days, the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable with USB-C is priced at $29, which is the same price as the traditional charging cable with USB-A of the same length. Apple also sells traditional cables measuring one and two meters.

By introducing this cable, Apple is making it possible to charge your wearable device from your current-generation MacBook or MacBook Pro, both of which include USB-C. Rumors suggest the new iPad Pro models (likely to be announced on Oct. 30) will ditch Lightning for USB-C.

The Apple Watch Series 4 was announced and released last month. Featuring an all-new design, the wearable device offers new faces, workout improvements, and more.