iPhone XS Max review—iDB goes up close and personal with Apple’s massive 6.5-inch phablet

iPhone XS Max review - a photo showing HDR video playing in landscape mode

iDownloadBlog goes up close and personal with iPhone XS Max, Apple’s phablet-class device with a 6.5-inch screen, after almost two weeks of quality hands-on time spent with it. Follow along as iDownloadBlog tells you everything you need to know about the flagship Apple phone.

Featuring the biggest display Apple has ever put on an iPhone that measures a massive 6.5 inches diagonally—Apple’s calling it Super Retina display for a good reason—this phone is one heck of a canvas for your apps and content.

So, what’s it like holding an iPhone XS Max in one’s hand? Does one-handed operation suffer much as a result of screen size? What new capabilities does that massive OLED panel bring to the table? Our video guy and YouTuber Harris Craycraft tells you everything you need to know about Apple’s flagship phone in the hands-on video walkthrough embedded below.

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Harris also talks about some of the more prominent teething issues spotted so far, like many apps running enlarged because they’ve yet to be optimized for these new iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR display resolutions.

Here are a few additional tidbits:

  • It feels like you’re holding a screen, not just bezel.
  • The screen is outstanding in terms of OLED benefits.
  • Typing in landscape is natural.
  • Safari feels very spacious and accessible.
  • HDR content on YouTube and in the TV app pops.
  • Unoptimized apps don’t show you more content, just bigger content.
  • No true multitasking on such a big-screened device with fast internals is a shame.
  • Face ID is slightly faster.
  • Depth control is useful, not just a gimmick.
  • Slightly faster Qi wireless charging still uses 7.5-watt charging.
  • Battery is solid, not standout.
  • Camera is excellent, but not perfect.
  • Performance is as good as you can really ask for.
  • iOS 12 purrs along, especially on the new A12 Bionic chip.

iPhone XS Max is a great phone that certainly has its compromises.

iPhone XS Max review - a photograph showing off the glass back of the phone along with the dual-camera system

But don’t fret over it any longer, teething issues are normal with every major Apple release.

Of course, you could say these are the things that shouldn’t be happening on a $1,000 smartphone and you’d be right. On the other hand, many of the compromises listed above are rooted in software and as such likely to be addressed via a future software update.

If you’ve been wondering if you should get your iPhone XS Max in gold, Harris has put together a quick video comparing the new gold against Apple’s previous gold and existing finishes.

“If you’re looking for a big-screened phone, it’s hard to recommend any iPhone except for the new XS Max,” Harris wraps it up.

Do you agree with the assessment of Apple’s flagship device?

What features and drawbacks would you single out, and why?

Let us know in the comments.