SIM-free iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max will be available at launch

For this year’s iPhone launch, Apple will be offering SIM-free models of the Xs and Xs Max on day one. This means you will not be forced to pick a carrier when ordering either of the two new handsets, and can instead choose to activate them on the [compatible] network of your choice, at your leisure.

This isn’t always the case for new iPhones—last year the iPhone X wasn’t available SIM-free through Apple until December—so it’s a nice added convenience for folks who either don’t want to activate the handset with one of Apple’s major carrier partners right away, or plan on giving it away as a gift.

As usual, SIM-free versions of the new iPhones must be purchased in full. So for the iPhone Xs, you’re looking at a minimum of $999 up front, or $1,099 for the iPhone Xs Max. Both handsets can be pre-ordered starting Friday morning, or purchased directly from Apple and its partners on September 21.