Watch the funny iPhone Xs event intro, the best Apple keynote opening film to date

Apple today held a media conference in its 1,000-seat underground Steve Jobs Theater on the new Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California. The company opened the keynote presentation in style, by playing a polished, amusing video that you just have to see.

Apple is no stranger to these event intros.

At WWDC 2017, for instance, it played a remarkably sophisticated footage with high production value, a mini-film of sorts, that depicted what the world might look like if there were no apps.

With the opening intro to today’s event, Apple has brought it up a few notches.

Rather than talk about it more, best thing you see the three-minute intro for yourself and share your impressions in the comments down below.

“Only one thing stands between a lost case and the Keynote – Apple Park. Will it get there in time?”, reads the description. In case you were wondering about that apocalyptic WWDC 2017 opening film I mentioned earlier, watch it on YouTube.

If you didn’t like the new products, this might make your day.

So, how do you like Apple’s Mission Impossible-style intro?

Let us know in the comments!