Ahead of tomorrow’s keynote, Chinese carriers are hyping dual-SIM support for 2018 iPhones

China Mobile's social media posts hyping dual-SIM support for upcoming iPhones

Wireless carriers China Telecom and China Unicom have begun promoting a rumored dual-SIM feature for new iPhones ahead of tomorrow’s “Gather round” iPhone Xs event keynote.

As first noted by GSMArena, images posted on China Mobile’s and Telecom’s social media accounts serve as yet another confirmation that at least one of the three new iPhones will be dual-SIM enabled. Dual-SIM support was discovered earlier this summer in iOS 12 beta 5.

Other rumors point to just one dual-SIM iPhone model—the flagship 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max—although some analysts believe a mid-budget 6.1-inch LCD phone will also support two SIM cards simultaneously. If you ask Bloomberg, the company is planning dual-SIM card slots for the two larger phones (iPhone Xs Max and the LCD device) in “at least some regions.”

Dual-SIM support permits users to switch to a local carrier’s network when traveling without taking out their default SIM card. It’s unclear whether this feature would be exclusive to China or available elsewhere but limited to certain markets.

China Telecom's social media post promoting dual-SIM iPhone

“The dual SIM card tray will be backed by a capable modem, supporting dual 4G connectivity and covering China Telecom’s various network types,” notes the story. China Mobile is going to carry all three new iPhones, including a rumored dual-SIM model.

China Mobile is the country’s and the world’s top wireless carrier with more than a whopping  1.5 billion subscribers as of July 2018. China Telecom had nearly 287 million mobile subscribers in July. China has a population of 1.34 billion people.