T-Mobile begins offering iPhone and iPad business leasing

T-Mobile has announced an iPhone and iPad leasing program that extends financing from Apple to businesses activating 25 or more lines. For a limited time, the Un-carrier is also covering the first $100 of each device leased through the program. The service is also being provided with no up-front cost and lower monthly payments than purchasing. 

Through the program, business customers can get an iPhone 8 for $43 per month, which includes a $25 unlimited data plan. Thanks to leasing, a company can move the cost to an operating expense over 24 months. When buying the devices outright, the purchases are considered capital expenditures.

Funded through DLL Group, Apple financing offers flexible and innovative leasing options for most current iPhone and iPad models as well as future devices. This is especially timely, of course.

In one week, Apple’s expected to reveal new iPhones and iPads for 2018. These new products are likely to arrive in stores in the next few weeks.

You can learn more about the program on the T-Mobile Enterprise site.