The mega-popular HQ Trivia game arrives on Apple TV along with its many prizes

The live HQ Trivia app is now available on Apple TV. The mega-popular game rewards players thousands of dollars for correctly answering a series of questions. 

In a Tuesday tweet, the HQ Twitter account exclaimed, “Today we launched our Apple TV app where you can play HQ right on your TV.”

First introduced in August 2017, HQ Trivia typically airs two games each day, at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. Eastern. Most games feature 12 multiple choice questions that must be answered within 10 seconds. Those who answer all the questions split the grand prize. If there isn’t a winner, the jackpot is rolled over to the next day’s prize.

Usually hosted by Scott Rogowky, HQ Trivia once only offered $250 for each game. The minimum jackpot is now $3,000. Prizes on Sundays, holidays and special events have risen to as high as $400,000. Winnings are typically paid out using PayPal.

To get started on HQ, you’ll need to enter your cell phone number, then enter the verification code you receive. About 30 minutes before each game begins, you can post a message on the HQ Trivia board as you wait or stay quiet and concentrate. The game starts after some funny banter from Rogowky or another host.

You can download HQ Trivia from the App Store and now through the Apple TV App Store.

Have you won HQ Trivia? How much did you make? Let us know below.