Best Apple Pencil accessories include cases, sleeves, chargers and more

Best Apple Pencil Accessories

Are you looking to make your Apple Pencil even better? How about some accessories? Here are some of the best Apple Pencil accessories now available.

The Apple Pencil first arrived on the scene in November 2015 when it was released exclusively for the iPad Pro. Two years later, Apple introduced the first budget iPad to also support the writing device. As the Apple Pencil has grown in popularity so too has the number of accessories for the device. These have taken many forms including charging docks, cases, and more. Here are some of the hottest Apple Pencil accessories now on the market.

Charging Docks

The Apple Pencil doesn’t take much time to recharge. In just 15 seconds, you can add a 30-minute charge, while a fully charged pencil will give you 12 hours of continuous use. To charge the pencil, Apple wants you to plug it into your iPad’s Lightning port. This works, but it also looks goofy, at best. Thankfully, third-parties have introduced several stands and chargers that make the charging process a little bit more organized.

TechMatte Charging Dock/Stand

The TechMatte Charging Dock/Stand for Apple Pencil allows you to charge your iPad’s drawing and writing device while still looking stylish and sleek on your desk. Made of solid aluminum, the stand matches the look of Apple products and holds both your pencil and cap so that neither will get lost. 

The TechMatte makes a great addition to any work environment, whether at your home or place of business.

$13.99 at Amazon

BlueFire Charger Dock

If you’re looking for something a little less pricey, you should consider the BlueFire Charger Dock for Apple Pencil. Multifunctional, the gadget combines a charger, stand, and storage. Like the TechMatte, the BlueFire offers a protective cap holder to keep your pencil top safe and secure while charging.

Unfortunately, this option is no longer available to buy from Amazon.

Thankscase Charging Dock Station

Available in various colors, including black, white, and rose gold, the Thankscase Charging Dock Station is made from aluminum and includes a six-foot built-in direct charging adapter cable.

$12.89 at Amazon

You should also consider:

Sleeves and Cases

At first, you might not consider it necessary to have an Apple Pencil case. However, when you realize that the cost of replacement is $100, you might reconsider. Cases help protect the writing instrument when not in use. They also add some spark to a device in desperate need of some color.

FRTMA Magnetic Sleeve

The FRTMA features six magnets embedded into the silicone sleeve side. These magnets allow you to attach your Apple Pencil quickly to the front side of your iPad. The sleeve also comes with two extra self-adhering metal strips that will enable you to connect the wiring device to any surface. With a soft silicone grip, the FRTMA hugs the pencil tightly to prevent relative sliding.

You can pick up a FRTMA in five colors, including Midnight Blue, Ivory White, Lavender, Red, and Ice Sea Blue.

$10.99 at Amazon

Waterfield Leather Case

The Waterfield Leather Case is made in America and contains a soft Ultrasuede liner and a premium leather exterior. The straight-forward design includes a clip so you can secure it to a belt, strap, or pocket.

$29 at Waterfield

Apple Pencil Case

The official Apple Pencil Case is available in multiple colors that match other Apple accessories including electric blue, taupe, midnight blue, and many others. It’s made of durable leather intended to last for many years.

$29 at Apple

Decoded Leather Magnetic Pencil Sleeve

This sleeve is made from a premium, full grain leather. It fits both the first-generation Apple Pencil and the second-generation Apple Pencil. It has an adjustable magnet closure, seamlessly integrates with the iPad Smart Cover.

The inside of the sleeve features a dark gray microfiber lining, and there is a hand stitched Dutch flag decoration as well.

It’s available in either Black or Brown color options, and it retails for $29.95 directly from Apple.

$29.95 at Apple

MoKo Pencil Case Holder

This case holder for your second-generation Apple Pencil is designed to be easily accessible at all times by attaching to your iPad case. It’s specifically designed to fit cases for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 11-inch iPad Pro. The case itself is made form durable, water-resistant PU leather.

The elastic band fits snugly over the case and keeps the Pencil case itself firmly in place.

The case is available now from Amazon for just $5.99. It’s available in Indigo, Rose Gold, and Space Gray.

$5.99 at Amazon

ColorCoral Holder Case

This is a thin, lightweight silicone holder case for the second-generation Apple Pencil 2. It can keep your stylus save for daily usage, preventing any scratching on the accessory. But it can also make it more comfortable to grip as well, thanks in part to its smooth-skin surface.

The silicone case doesn’t prevent any wireless charging, either, and keeps the magnetic hold firm when you put it in place on a supported iPad Pro models. It also has as cap for complete coverage.

ColorCoral’s holder case for the Apple Pencil is available now from Amazon for $5.99. It’s available in Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Red, Translucent, and others.

$5.99 at Amazon

Kaweco Pen Sleeve GRIP

For something completely different, consider the Kaweco GRIP. Made of aluminum, the sleeve protects your investment by wrapping the Apple Pencil securely and firmly.

The GRIP is available in black, anthracite, silver, gold, and rose gold.

$50 at Pen Boutique

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Odds and Ends

The following accessories will also work well with your Apple Pencil, although some weren’t necessarily made for that purpose.

BookBook CaddySack

Primarily sold as a tote for chargers, cables, and adapters, the BookBook CaddySack by Twelve South is also good at carrying your Apple Pencil. Featuring Velcro and elastic bands to keep your gear organized and protected, the CaddySack is a perfect choice for Apple device owners.

$59.99 at Amazon

HDE Hard Shell Case

If you’re looking for something less expensive, consider the HDE Hard Shell Case. Featuring mesh pockets and bands, the case allows you to store earbuds, headphones, charging cables, and other accessories too.

$7.99 at Amazon

You should also consider these Apple Pencil accessories:

Best Apple Pencil accessories

There are a lot of Apple Pencil accessories on the market with more being adding each month. Which accessories are your favorites? Let us know below.