Apple Music’s rolling out new Friends mix to all subscribers

Apple Music Friends Mix

Cupertino’s making it easier to enjoy the songs being listened to by your friends. Apple Music now contains an all-new Friends mix under the For You tab. It’s updated each Monday automatically.

Joining the previously released Favorites, Chill, and New Music mixes, the Friends mix, like the others, uses algorithms to select songs. In this case, it includes a list of songs recently listened to by your Apple Music friends.

Beginning with iOS 11, Apple Music added the ability to follow friends. When you follow someone, you gain access to their listening history under the Friends Are Listening To section.

As 9to5Mac first noted, the Friends mix isn’t tied to the ongoing iOS 12 betas. Instead, it’s currently being propagating to Apple Music users on iOS 11 users too.

If you aren’t seeing the Friends mix in Apple Music, give it a few days. It should arrive soon.