YouTube testing ‘Explore’ tab on iOS devices for broader recommendations

YouTubeA small number of YouTube users on iOS will soon be getting the opportunity to test an all-new “Explore” tab on the video service. The new section, which isn’t replacing the Trending tab, “will help you discover more videos, topics and channels that you might not otherwise see,” according to a Twitter post.

In making the “Explore” tab announcement, YouTube notes it’s always experimenting with ways to make it easier for users to find, watch, and share videos that matter most to them. With the new tab, YouTube is adding an outlet where creators of all sizes can have their content discovered.

It explains:

This is an experimental feature, so only a small group of people using the YouTube app on iPhones will see the Explore tab in the bottom navigation. If you’re part of the test group, you’ll see that all content from Trending now exists in a section of Explore (so Trending isn’t going away!).

YouTube didn’t announce when the new tab would roll out to all iOS users or whether Android device users would also be able to test the feature. For now, it’s limited to a select few on iPhone and iPad.