Feral Interactive releases new details about upcoming Tropico game for iPad

Tropico for iPad

Although its release is still months away, Tropico for iPad is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated iOS games of 2018. Now there’s more to know about the ported game, which was announced just a few weeks ago.

First launched in 2001 on various platforms including Mac, Tropico, and its many sequels offer city-building set on an island in the Caribbean. During the game, you take on the role of the island’s dictator, El Presidente. In doing so, your job is to build up the island’s infrastructure and manage its economy. Along the way, you must deal with the populace, which doesn’t always like your edicts.

This week, developer Feral Interactive released the following image that shows Tropico for iPad for the first time:

Tropico for iPad

As you can see, the game offers an interesting-looking bar at the bottom of the screen with various in-game mechanics. Among the items highlighted here: an Intel folder that needs your presidential attention, an Avatar that represents your presence as El Presidente that’s used for morale-boosting visits to raise productivity and Edicts that you can use to keep your citizens happy or under your thumb.

Tropic, which is being built using the codebase from Tropico 3, is expected to feature touch controls with an easy-to-navigate user interface in its tradition from PC/console to iPad.

According to David Stephen, managing director of Feral Interactive:

With its delightful mix of strategy and tongue-in-cheek humor, the Tropico series has long been a favorite of desktop and console gamers alike. Re-imagining its gameplay for mobile has been great fun; we’re excited by the results, and are delighted to be bringing it to iPad.

Here’s the original trailer:

No release date this year has been set for Tropico on iPad, although it’s expected before the end of the year. Unlike similar games, Tropico will launch as a full-priced game with no in-app purchases.

Are you looking forward to playing Tropico on iPad? Let us know below.