Apple introduces Shortcuts beta app for developers only

Siri Shortcuts app

Since iOS 12 was announced last month, developers have been waiting patiently to begin testing the new Shortcuts app. Those tests can now start as Apple has introduced an all-new Shortcuts beta app. 

Available through a TestFlight request via the Apple Developer site, the Shortcuts app is mostly based on the Workflow app that Apple purchased in 2017. It allows users to create multi-step shortcuts using third-party apps, which can then be activated by communicating with Siri through commands.

Until now, three iOS 12 developer betas (and two public betas) have come and gone without a Shortcuts app. Despite this, developers and iOS 12 public beta testers have been able to test a limited number of Shortcuts in the Siri section of the Settings app.

In the release notes for the new beta, Apple warns that the first Shortcuts app will offer limited actions, no iCloud syncing, and some missing actions. Also, Shortcuts can’t run using Siri when the device is locked. Developers who already use Workflow will see their workflows migrated to the new app once installing the beta.

The first Shortcuts beta is limited to developers only, not for members of the Apple Beta Program.

To download the Shortcuts beta, visit the Apple Developers website and log in. From there, visit the Downloads page and tap the “Request” button next to Shortcuts beta. Once you do, you’ll eventually receive an email indicating that the beta is now available via the Apple Testflight app.

Apple’s releasing iOS 12 this fall alongside new versions of macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.