Bring Amazon Alexa to Apple Watch with Voice in a Can app

Alexa Voice in a can

Tired of using Siri on your Apple Watch? Is Amazon Alexa your preferred voice assistant? Now you can use Alexa on your wearable device, courtesy of the new Voice in a can app

Voice in a can

Priced at $1.99, the Voice in a can app only has one purpose: to bring Alexa to Apple Watch, which is something Amazon has failed to do, at least for now.

Once you install the Voice in a Can app on your iOS device, you’ll need to authenticate it using your Amazon login. To do so, click on the Login with Amazon button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you do, you can begin using Alexa immediately on your iOS device. Just hit Ready at the bottom of the screen to ask Alexa a question using your voice.

Voice in a Can app

To use Alexa on your Apple Watch requires a few additional steps.

Under My Watch on the Apple Watch app, make sure the Voice in a can app has been installed. If it hasn’t, click the Install button to the right of the app’s name under Available Apps.

Once you’ve installed Voice in a can on your Apple Watch, you’ll need to authenticate it (once again), this time on the wearable device. To do so, find the app on the watch and follow the directions on the initial screen.

Alexa Apple Watch

You can finally use Alexa on your watch by tapping on an icon to get Alexa to respond.

Keep in mind that not all content is supported here, including audiobooks, music, podcasts, and some flash briefings. Additionally, the app creator suggests increasing the app timeout on your watch since Apple Watch will disconnect from the Alexa service everytime the screen goes blank. You can find this setting under General in the Apple Watch app.

Until Amazon officially brings Alexa to Apple Watch, Voice in a can is an adequate solution, even with its restrictions. You can download the Voice in a can app on the App Store.