Video: unboxing Snapchat’s new water-resistant Spectacles

Snapchat (or Snap Inc., really) last week launched Spectacles V2, the second generation of its quirky sunglasses with a built-in camera. There’s a lot to like about the new model, including a slimmer frame and charging case, water-resistance, and the ability to take photos. Our resident video guru Harris recently snagged a pair and put together an unboxing video that offers a great overview of the product.

In addition to being slimmer, Snapchat V2 also comes in new, classier colors, with lighter lenses, and syncing is both faster and easier. There’s also no more yellow ring signaling you are wearing a camera, and new prescription options for the folks who need them. And as for the water-resistance, Snapchat says shallow water activities are fine (pool, rain, etc.), but obviously don’t wear them deep-sea diving.

It’s no secret that the first round of Spectacles didn’t do well. After the initial buzz wore off, Snap Inc. was only able to move about 220K pairs, and ended up having to write off $40 million in inventory. But the company is clearly still convinced it’s on to something, and it’ll be interesting to see if the new design and features are going to be enough to entice customers. Spectacles V2 are available now for $150.