Jamf Now – everything you need for managing Apple devices [sponsored]

If you work for a small business without a dedicated IT department, trying to configure and manage devices without a mobile device management solution can take lots of time and effort. That’s where Jamf Now comes in. With Jamf Now, you can remotely configure settings on all of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices quickly and consistently, all without the need of an expert.

Configure all your Apple devices quickly and easily

Within minutes, you can set up Apple devices with the specific apps and settings tailored to your business and users. This not only allows you to create a streamlined experience for users, it also allows you to do it quick and with consistency.

Having Apple devices enrolled in Jamf Now gives you a digital inventory of your devices and enables you to see the status and details of those devices such as applied email accounts, security settings, and deployed apps.

To get the most out of Jamf Now, organizations also use Apple’s Deployment Programs to streamline their device management. Using Jamf Now together with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program, you can get users up and running in minutes with a fully configured device — without ever touching it!

You can for example automatically install apps from the App Store to all of your devices, enroll with Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program to buy apps and distribute them over the air (no Apple ID required), and reclaim and reassign apps to new employees.

Keep your devices and the data they contain secure

With Automatic App Updates, Jamf Now makes keeping devices up to date simple, and allows you to push OS updates to both iOS and macOS devices in no time. Because these OS updates often contain critical security enhancements, having the ability to deploy them in just a few clicks makes all these devices more secure almost instantly.

From enforcing passcodes and encryption, to remotely locking or wiping a device, Jamf Now ensures you have the security settings you need so your Apple devices and the information on them is protected.

Try it for free

Don’t just take our word for it: give it a try… it’s risk free! You can sign up now and manage your first three devices for free, forever! If you like it and want to add more devices, it will be only $2 per device per month. If you run a small business with three or less devices, you essentially get to use Jamf Now for free. You can’t really beat that.