Considering replacing your battery? New video shows impressive performance gains if you do

A new video uploaded by Bennett Sorbo shows an iPhone 6s running through several CPU-intensive tasks with, and without a damaged battery. He runs through different apps, plays games and videos, and even throws a Geekbench benchmark test at it.

The test is run twice with the same hardware, other than the battery replacement. It is a pretty solid gauge of the performance improvements that a battery replacement can offer both in real-world usage, as well as automated testing.

The original, depleted battery yielded a time of 5 minutes and 45 seconds on the test, while the replacement battery was able to make it through in only 4 minutes and 33 seconds. That is roughly a 20 percent improvement in performance.

On the Geekbench benchmark test, the bad battery earned scores of 1437 and 2485 on the single and multi-core tests respectively. The new one was able to boost that score quite a bit, to 2520 and 4412.

None of this should be much of a surprise, but it is interesting nonetheless to see some numbers to the claims, even if a bit unscientific.

Apple’s battery replacement program for older phones is well underway, and seemingly being used copiously as wait times for the replacements continue to grow.

In the forthcoming iPhone iOS 11.3 update, Apple is implementing a new battery health performance management toggle, to allow users to opt for degraded performance, or risk shutdowns and poor battery life.