Apple changes its corporate address to One Apple Park Way

Apple has been in the process of moving an entire workforce from its old headquarters to the new Apple Park campus for almost a year now.

Recently, it changed its official corporate address from 1 Infinite Loop to One Apple Park Way. The new address is reflected on and in email footers included with correspondence sent out to customers, such as promotional mailers sent to Apple Music subscribers.

The change was reportedly timed to coincide with Apple’s recent annual shareholders meeting that took place at the Steve Jobs Theater on Tuesday. AppleInsider spotted one of the first documents with the new One Apple Park Way address: forms filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission last Tuesday.

The Apple Park name was announced in February 2017.

In April 2017, Apple began moving in first employees to Apple Park. The company originally said it would finish migrating the 12,000 employees from its old to the new campus by the end of 2017. However, as completion of the new headquarters took a bit longer than expected, some employees are yet to relocate.