Bryan Fuller leaves Apple’s Amazing Stories reboot over creative differences

Apple has lost some great talent as both Bryan Fuller and Hart Hanson have left Apple’s upcoming Amazing Stories series. Hart Hanson was serving as an Executive Producer, and Bryan Fuller helmed the project as showrunner.

While the departures were on good terms, it comes as a bit of blow to one of Apple’s more high profile projects.

The specific reasons for the parting of ways is still unclear, though The Hollywood Reporter is citing “creating differences”.

Fuller was originally working on the reboot for NBC, before the project was moved over to Apple. Fuller, who is known for a bit of a darker take, was looking for more of a “Black Mirror-type show”, which isn’t the direction Apple was hoping to go.

When the project was at NBC, Fuller was writing the script for Universal Television, who had produced the series when it originally aired back in the ’80s.

Spielberg was not involved with the NBC reboot, but came on board when the project was picked up by Apple. Hart Hanson, the creator of Bones, was brought in to assist with EP duties.

Fuller was still going to act as showrunner, as well as an EP alongside Spieldberg, Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey, and Hart Hanson.

With the pair on their way out, Universal Television and Apple are left searching for a new showrunner.