Let’s Talk iOS 221: Really really extravagant

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Despite major technical difficulties, this episode came to life! Listen to Cody and Sebastien talk about the battery of problems (pun intended!) that Apple is facing these days, Jimmy Iovine leaving Apple, and upcoming TV content produced by Apple. 

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Show Notes

A battery of problems

Apple posts apology for slowing down iPhones, offers $29 battery replacements

Apple’s battery replacement program is starting now

Apple will actually replace the battery of your iPhone 6 and later regardless of its condition

In wake of iPhone throttling drama, iFixit drops prices on battery replacement kits

We’re now approaching 30th class action lawsuit over the iPhone throttling debacle

Jimmy Iovine leaves Apple

Jimmy Iovine said to be leaving Apple in August

Jimmy Iovine stands to make a small fortune once his Apple stock vests in August

Apple content

Apple working on new ‘Are You Sleeping’ TV show starring Octavia Spencer

Apple orders 10 episodes of extraordinary home docuseries

Other titles that could have been

A dogfight for viewers’ attention
Batteries and Content
Bad batteries and good content
Get ahead of it next time
Batteries, Iovine and Octavia Spencer
So much drama in the Apple TV, it’s kind of hard being snoop d-o-double g

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