Belkin goes all out with several new wireless charging accessories for 2018

No surprise, but Apple has really given the wireless charging industry a shot in the arm. Belkin is going all out this year with five new wireless chargers set to be released throughout 2018.

I’m sure wireless chargers are going to be all over the place at CES 2018, and Belkin sure is doing their part. I loved their initial wireless charger for the iPhone X and all these new models seem to best it.

First, is a more compact charging pad that comes in a variety of colors. The BOOST↑UP™ Bold Wireless Charging Pad can provide up to 10W of wireless power, and even supports the 7.5W on the latest iPhones. It is available in four modern colors.

Similarly, they also have the BOOST↑UP™ Wireless Charging Stand which props your iPhone up while it charges. Otherwise, it has the same specs as the Bold.

Both of these will be available spring/summer of 2018.

For your car, there is also the BOOST↑UP™ Wireless Charging Car Mount that easily can hold your device, while wireless charging at full speed. As a backup, there is a 1A USB output for a second device, or one that won’t charge wirelessly. You can expect that be available during summer 2018.

If you’ve got multiple iPhone owners in your household, the BOOST↑UP™ Dual Wireless Charging Pad will help you out. It can charge two iPhones (or other devices) with up to 10W of power simultaneously. This too will show up during summer 2018.

Lastly, the BOOST↑UP™ Wireless Charging System is aimed at commercial applications, that can easily be integrated into any top surface. It has flush edges for easy cleaning and streamlined looks. Those interested can start to place orders, you guessed it, summer 2018.

We will have an early look at Belkin’s upcoming chargers next week during CES.