Brazilian agency demands Apple advise consumers on batteries

Apple is in some hot water in Brazil over the recent battery controversy. Reuters reports that a Brazilian state agency responsible for consumer issues has notified the Cupertino company that it must explain how Brazilian iPhone owners will be able to buy battery replacements at lower prices.

Procon-SP, an agency in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s richest and most populous, said in a statement it notified Apple that it has 10 days to provide the information.

The agency said Apple employees refused to sign the notification, but Procon considered the company notified.

The agency did not say what could happen if Apple does not comply, but it has the power to fine or propose legal action against companies for causing losses to consumers.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the story, Apple last month confirmed claims that it’s been throttling performance on older iPhone models with weak batteries. It apologized for its lack of transparency on the matter and quickly launched a program for discounted battery replacements.

Source: Reuters