Celebrate 2018 with fireworks on your Apple Watch face

To help celebrate 2018, Apple has included a small Easter egg for Apple Watch owners. Once it strikes midnight, your Apple Watch face animates with fireworks.

This small tweak was included with watchOS 4, so naturally it just never showed up until it struck 12:00 on January 1st.

To see this for yourself, as long as it is after midnight where you are, you can simply open Notification Center on your Apple Watch and tap on the little alert saying “Happy New Year”. ¬†You can then watch them as many times as you want!

If you don’t have an Apple Watch, or just want to see a quick video demoing it, I shot a quick video for you all right at midnight.

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If you have had a birthday in the last few months, the effect may seem similar to to the Happy Birthday animation added that would fill your watch face with balloons.

Aside from this Apple Watch Easter egg, if you send anyone an iMessage saying “Happy New Year!”, the fireworks effect will also be added to your message. No extra steps necessary!

Let us know down below what you think of Apple’s fun little celebration! Do you like when Apple includes little surprises and touches like this?