South Korea seeks answers regarding Apple slowing down older iPhones

The Korea Communications Commission has asked Apple for an explanation regarding its practice of slowing down older iPhone models, reports The Korea Herald. It’s not a formal investigation yet, but it could be indicative of things to come.

The Korean broadcasting and telecom regulator has formally sought an explanation from Apple on allegations that it tried to defraud customers by deliberately slowing down devices without warning, according to industry sources on Dec. 28. 

“We are hoping to get some answers on whether Apple intentionally restricted the performance of old iPhones and tried to hide this from customers,” said the Korea Communications Commission.

Earlier this month, Apple admitted that the rumors that it has been throttling older iPhone models is true. Last year the company released a new feature in iOS that it says helps prevent random shutdowns in iPhones with weaker batteries.

The problem is, a lot of folks see this as a way for Apple to force users to upgrade to newer iPhone models. Multiple class action lawsuits have been filed, including one that is seeking a ridiculous $999 billion payout from the Cupertino firm.

Source: The Korea Hearald