Need an affordable USB-C hub for your gear bag? Check out this one from Aukey

I love the new MacBook Pro, and while I’ve converted most of my gear to USB-C, there are still times when a hub is necessary. No more than when I am on the go and someone throws me a hard drive or camera to connect, and I’m left with no appropriate ports. Even worse, when I need to connect an HDMI cable. The Aukey USB-C hub is an affordable, simple tool to keep in your gear bag for these situations.

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What is it?

It is nothing more than a small USB-C hub with a built in USB-C cable.

It has a few ports on it including 4 USB-A, HDMI, and an additional USB-C that offers passthrough charging. The basics of what you could need on the go for your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

How does it work?

It works just fine, though I may argue it should have an Ethernet port on it to be a better mobile solution. Depending on where you are going, wired Internet may be your only option.

I like that they had the USB-C cable built in, that way you don’t need to worry about bringing on, or losing the one you have.

Like I’ve said on nearly every USB-C dock or hub review, I wish there was more USB-C ports. That is where we are going, and it would really be awesome if I had a MacBook with a solo USB-C port that I could get a couple more as well as a pair of USB-A and HDMI.

Since I already have a USB-C hard drive and other peripherals, it seems annoying that a hub wouldn’t give me any additional of those ports.

Should I pick it up?

The Aukey USB-C hub is a fine solution. The plastic build is fine with me since it is mainly going into my gear bag and I like that it feels durable.

As a summary, here are the pros and cons.


  • Integrated USB-C cable
  • 4 additional USB-A ports
  • Bonus HDMI
  • Passthrough USB-C charging
  • Durable exterior
  • Affordable


  • Non-removable cable is on the short side
  • Could possible use more USB-C ports or an ethernet

Aside from it lacking more USB-C ports, I don’t have many qualms with the few ports that are here. It is basically a minimum of what I need while on the go.

If you’re rocking a Retina MacBook, or even the newer MacBook Pro, the Aukey USB-C hub is an easy recommendation for expanding your port availability, especially if you are looking for more USB-A ports.

You can pick one up over on Amazon for $34.99.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of Aukey’s USB-C hub, as well as your other favorite MacBook accessories.