Grid and blueprint wallpapers for iPhone

grid and blueprint wallpapers for iphone

For a long time, blueprint wallpapers were popular on earlier iPhone devices. However, the precision required to make a blueprint style wallpaper prevented an iPhone X version from surfacing for some time. Earlier I was asked on Twitter if I found any and the search began. I am happy to report, there is a complete stash of blueprint, grid, and outline styled wallpapers for you to download. 

Blueprint wallpapers

Before diving into the downloads, note that these wallpapers will not work if you move them around when setting them as your wallpaper. Also, if you have parallax effect on, you will be able to see the icons slide out of their gridded box, as you move your iPhone around. The ones for iPhone X do perfectly fit, as I’ve checked the blueprint myself. (I know the mockup at the top of the article isn’t exact, but when you set the image on your background, it will line up)

I found the iPhone X versions on “Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper,” which you should visit for a whole lot more. The site contains many more colors and additional designs that I did not chose to curate in this article. There are links to additional galleries below the corresponding images.

Additionally, there is one blueprint wallpaper at the bottom for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. I did not test these, as I only own an iPhone X. These additional images were found on iOSHacker, which also includes additional colors and designs.

Finally, if you have any great wallpapers or come across an amazing gallery find me via @jim_gresham. Also, follow along for mid-week downloads, tips and tricks!

iPhone X blueprint wallpapers

Download: blueprint Home screen

Download: blueprint Lock screen

Download: purple blueprint Home screen

Download: purple blueprint Lock screen

Download: silver blueprint Home screen

Download: silver blueprint Lock screen

If you really liked these gridded blueprint Lock and Home screen wallpapers, there are 13 total colors on the Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper site and you can get direct links to all of them.

Download: dock gradient

There are 10 total dock background wallpapers in different colors on the Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper site and you can download them directly to your device.

Download: orange iPhone X boarder

If you are just looking for this simple boarder, there are 15 total boarder styles, including skeuomorphic versions on the Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper site.

iPhone 6/s/7/8 Blueprints Grid

Download: iPhone 6/s/7/8 blueprint wallpaper

Download: 6/s/7/8 Plus blueprint wallpaper

If you are looking for additional legacy device wallpapers of this nature, you can see a full gallery on the iOSHacked website.