Steve Wozniak “kinda likes” the iPhone X Tim Cook sent him

During a talk at the Pivot Summit, Steve Wozniak shared a few anecdotes about Steve Jobs, as well as the iPhone X and how he got Apple’s latest device.

Turns out, Steve Wozniak never got around to picking up his own iPhone X.

Before the launch, he shared his opinion on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. He said the iPhone 8 was basically the iPhone 6, and that he wouldn’t be getting an iPhone X on day one.

Tim Cook thought he might help Woz out, and sent one over to him to try out personally. Turns out, he “kinda likes it”.

He did say that he prefers Touch ID over Face ID.

He also compared Steve Jobs to Elon Musk, saying they “aren’t similar in ideas but in vision. Both focus on what they want and built products for themselves”

He shared plenty of other anecdotes as well from his past and time with Steve.

What do you think of Apple’s outspoken co-founders opinions on the iPhone X? Do you agree?

Image: @MishManners