Sim-free iPhone X now available through Apple

Several weeks after launch, you now have the option of purchasing the iPhone X unlocked and SIM-free through Apple in the US. Even better, you can get an iPhone X with delivery by December 12th.

Before today, if you wanted to buy an iPhone X through Apple, you were required to choose a carrier: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon. They came preloaded with a SIM card, and could be locked to a carrier.

For frequent travelers, those who switch carriers, or already have a SIM card to use, you can now choose a fifth option: buy without a carrier. They are then free to use the phone with their own SIM card on any carrier that will support the iPhone.

They’ve also improved shipping times once more, with all orders now set to deliver on December 12th. It seems Apple is doing their best to move as many units as possible before the holidays.

Have you been waiting for an unlocked, SIM-free iPhone?  Let us know in the comments.