Developer FiftyThree launches new iOS app + updated Paper app

FiftyThree, developer of the popular sketching app for iOS Paper, has released Paste on the App Store. Paste is reimagining the traditional PowerPoint app, aiming at making collaboration easier.

FiftyThree is known for their carefully crafted products. Whether it is their drawing app Paper, or their physical stylus the Pencil. They’ve been remarkably well received.

Paste, their latest app, quietly launched online a few months ago, and has finally made its way to the App Store.

Paste is basically a slideshow app that has been reworked to look modern, and designed to work with a team through a tight integration with Slack.

It has a lot of great iOS features built in, including Drag and Drop which makes it fit perfectly on the iPad.

Paste has a trial mode that is absolutely free, but if you’re a fan, it will cost you 8 bucks per each user, per month. That is clearly focused on business users. Even then, if your team doesn’t use Slack, it makes that hard to justify.

Also new today, is Paper 4. It has gotten a new facelift and takes advantage of Apple’s SceneKit framework that increases performance.

If you want to give Paste a try, you can find it on the App Store as a free download.