Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella takes a subtle jab at the iPad

Apple competitors such as Microsoft and Samsung have a history of poking fun at Apple and its products, and Microsoft chief Satya Nadella continues this trend in a recent talk with TechRadar.

Nadella is currently touring various locations around the globe to promote his new book Hit Refresh. This new literary offering from Nadella chronicles his journey as the head of Microsoft and his quest to refresh the company’s image.

As Nadella was visiting India as part of his tour, Sahil Mohan Gupta and a colleague had a chance to speak with him on behalf of TechRadar. Gupta recalls Nadella remarking: “You need to get a real computer, my friend.” upon his noticing Gupta and his colleague sporting iPads for the interview.

This sort of subtle jab is an unsurprising and playful remark from Nadella who looks to continue to redefine Microsoft’s image as he and the company have done in recent years. Recent products such as the Surface Tablet, Surface Book, and Surface Laptop have drawn considerable interest from consumers signaling a potential return to prominence for the tech giant. Microsoft seems to be on the rise, and CEO Nadella seems to be confident in his company’s future.

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Source: TechRadar