Some iPhone X units are spontaneously developing green line on the display

Some iPhone X owners are reportedly seeing an annoyingly distracting green line developing spontaneously on the handset’s Super Retina display, indicating a possible hardware defect.

As MacRumors reported Friday, at least 20 customers have shared photos of this display problem across the Apple Support Communities, Twitter and MacRumors’ discussion forums.

As evidenced by the images, the green line can be seen running vertically across the entire right side of the phone’s screen, but can also show elsewhere on the display. None of the affected units have shipped with a defective screen—the green line developed spontaneously after some period of usage in normal conditions.

Restarting or restoring the device doesn’t solve the issue.

Furthermore, this doesn’t appear to be limited to specific iPhone X models or locations. Given the sample size, this is likely a hardware defect so Apple should replace those units free of charge, according to the affected customers who have contacted the company.

“Apple also appears to be collecting data from the incidents so that its engineers can investigate the matter, as it routinely does with any potential hardware or software issues,” notes MacRumors.

Thankfully, I’m not seeing any green lines on my iPhone X.

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Images: Twitter users mix0mat0sis‏, MACinCLE, Nate Heagy‏ and MacRumors user irusli9‏