Predictably, iPhone X shipping estimates slip to 5-6 weeks

If you haven’t preordered an iPhone X early, within the first few minutes, chances are you’ll have to wait until December to receive your phone.

A quick check of Apple online stores in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and elsewhere reveals that iPhone X preorder shipping estimates have slipped now to 5-6 weeks.

In other words: if you preorder your iPhone X right now, you won’t get it before December—assuming no further delays. With rumors of iPhone X production woes and predictions of launch stock of only 2-3 million units, it’s not surprising shipping times are slipping.

According to KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may not have enough stock to meet demand until early 2018. Keep in mind that if you didn’t preorder your iPhone X yet, you can still stand in the line and get yours on the November 3 launch day, but—as Apple said—you’ll have to “arrive early”.

Apple revealed today that repairing your iPhone X may cost you $549 without AppleCare+.

Specifically, out-of-warranty screen repairs are priced at $279 while any other damage not covered by the standard one-year limited warranty incurs a hefty $549 service fee.

Have you preordered your iPhone X? If so, when will you receive it?

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